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Become a vlogger with these cheap cameras with a flip screen

All over the world, there are many adventurous folks, traveling to fantastic locations. Exploring, hiking, road trips, beaches, mountains and the list is endless! These adventures are entertaining and bring out a lovely joy. Being lost in nature, with awestruck views, deep in the bliss of journey. All these people attempt to record their experience, via travel diaries, photographs and recently introduced the best point and shot camera for video. The ‘vlog’ is one of the great ways to relive all the lovely moments you found on your trip. It is quite an efficient way to logging your trip fun and provides a very real-like experience of your memories.

The only necessary equipment for the vlog, a perfect cheap camera with a flip screen!

cheap cameras with a flip screen

Features to look into before buying vlogging camera

Operating camera with a helper is an easy way to log the videos, but some cool new features have made it easier to be your helper. There are many cheap cameras with flip screen available now, which help you rotate the viewfinder screen and you get the stream of your video, to adjust the camera if required. Some standard configurations that might make the camera a good option;

  • Recording quality – The recording quality of the video is measured as HD, full HD, 4K, etc. does play an important role.
  • Size – The more compact size of the camera, it is easier to carry it around and use with ease.
  • Megapixels and frame rate – The megapixels and the quality are not related directly to each other, but higher the megapixels, there is significant room for quality development. Higher frame rate gives you a smooth feeling of the video and adds to the quality.
  • Image Stabilization – Image stabilization is a great built-in function, expected to be of good quality in any camera.

There are many more features, you might find in a best Sony vlogging camera like Low light capturing, connectivity, and build quality and of course price range.


The one dominant platform to feature your vlogs, share and enjoy the experience, is undoubted, YouTube! You can start your channel on YouTube, upload adequately filmed and edited vlogs, and monetise! Many YouTubers use vlogs to monetise and make millions through the vlogs. Some models which are prominent among the Youtube vloggers are;

  • Canon EOS 70D
  • GoPro
  • Canon PowerShot
  • Sony Camcorder

General Price range for buyers

Depending on the size and quality of a camera, you get a wide range of available options. Standard class, great vlogging cameras start from around 150 dollars apiece. You get terrific options like Canon Powershot or Sony Cybershot series cameras in the high-end range up to 1000 USD. GoPro and Canon S10 are great alternatives ranging at around 300 dollars. If your requirements find a DSLR feature necessary in your logs, you find great machines from Nikon for 400 bucks. Nikon also provides a series of a cheap camera with flip screens. There is the number of options to select from, and this choice depends mainly on the type of vlog you intend to create.

Overlooking at the fun of vlogging, you have scores of different ideas to create vlogs and number of essential camera options suitable for that specific venture.

The unbiased reviews of the best camera

Consider reading below for the reviews of the cheap camera with flip screen to find the great vlogging cameras, which suits your requirements.


Nikon digital camera Coolpix S6600BK

Nikon digital camera Coolpix S6600BKNowadays, people are developing new interests in making photography as one their significant hobbies, all thanks to the introduction of digital cameras. You can receive your photos as the snaps promoted in an instant, and it does not require waiting. With the launch of their Coolpix digital camera series, Nikon has wholly revolutionised the techno industry.

One of the most prominent and highly equipped cameras released in this series is the all-new Nikon Coolpix S6600 16Megapixel digital camera. One of the best cameras with flip screen feature, the S6600 model is packed with a lot of cool attributes which allows you to click good quality pictures. This camera is available to the customers in one of the most versatile colours, i.e. black and the company offers a warranty period of 2 years as well.


  • As the camera weighs only 165 grams, it is quite convenient to carry it around with us be it any place and handy to use.
  • The 16 Megapixel resolution offered by the camera results in clicking best quality images that enhances the look of the photos.
  • The user can also record superior quality videos and share the same by using the inbuilt WiFi feature.
  • When clicking images, you can use automatic face detection option which will allow us to take clear pictures.
  • Sufficient storage space is available so click as many photos as you want.


  • No other lens can be attached to this camera.
  • If you want to buy additional rechargeable batteries, then charges will apply to it.
  • The camera does not have the feature of manual exposure control.

So the next time when you are planning to buy a camera with flip screen option and other useful features, try out the fantastic Nikon Coolpix S6600.

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Samsung NX300M Digital Camera

Samsung NX300M Digital CameraA well-known name in the electronics industry, Samsung is now planning to try out their luck in the worldwide camera market as well. They have launched a variety of digital camera models till now which have received somewhat mixed responses from the public. Now they are all set to release yet another model which is the all-new Samsung NX300 Mirrorless Digital camera.

Picture quality has made improved touchscreen sensor features and overall accuracy of the cameras in this series. NX300 offers a 20.3-megapixel high-resolution lens which allows us to click good quality images anytime we want.  AMOLED 3.3-inch touchscreen equips within the camera providing a unique experience for the user. Samsung NX300 is a camera with flip screen feature which makes it handier to use and carry around. Increased shooting speed makes it possible for us to take pictures in an instant and the best part is the quality of the images does not get distorted.


  • The metal alloy body provides for an elegant design and looks to the camera with a smooth finish at the top.
  • The controls are devised in such a manner so that the users don’t face any complications while using the device.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity for easily sharing pictures and videos with all.
  • Without any issues, SD card slot installed correctly for storing images.
  • Touchscreen feature is smoothly accessible.


  • The camera does not have a built-in flash option.
  • Battery life is quite short and as such needs to be frequently charged.
  • Users won’t be able to find an integrated viewfinder option as well.

On the whole, Samsung NX300 is one of the best available cameras with flip screen option at quite a reasonable price.

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Sicanal HDV-Z20

Sicanal HDV-Z20 Camera camcordersThe Scandal portable camcorder comes with an external microphone and a wide angle lens, making it perfect for the use of video bloggers. It has a hot shoe mount which you can use for mounting an additional microphone and improving the sound quality. Additionally, it hosts transfer of videos too and from your phone or tablet over a Wi-Fi network thus making compiling videos for final edit relatively easier. Some points stood out though:


  • Ability to use the camera at odd angles: Having a camera with flip screen means you can use it at any angle and still get the perfect picture. A fixed display makes it difficult to adjust accurately to a scene while you go through different lights. The Scandal HDV-Z20 works wonderfully in this regard.
  • Protection for the LCD: The LCD is costly, and you would do best to take every measure to guard it. This camera allows you to flip the screen and face it inwards while it is not in use. It not only protects the LCD against breakage but also from smudges and dust.
  • Easy to use viewfinder: Most articulated display cameras offer this advantage, this one is no exception. You can make the screen face you to prevent from turning the camera around and spoiling the video.


  • Handling difficulties: The only flip side to this camera has a flip out screen makes it too bulky and inconvenient to handle. Most of the video bloggers are in constant motion while they record their entries. Having another place to look at makes it difficult to point the camera with one hand and see for centring the image consistently on the other.
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Samsung NX Mini

Samsung NX Mini CameraBoasting of a 20.5 MP camera with a stylishly slim frame of 22.5mm and 158g the Samsung NX Mini is more than just your average camera. The best that there is to the point and shoot criterion, it is perfect for video bloggers who are just starting out and do not have substantial financial backing. Easy to hold and convenient to carry, it has a battery life that can last for hours without asking you to compromise on quality.

What makes it perfect for use is it’s a camera with a flip screen; you can carry look for the perfect frame without having to turn it around.


  • Smart link support: It has a built-in Wi-Fi system that lets you share videos with other devices and upload it directly to social media sites or to cloud storage for backup.
  • Full HD recording: The biggest advantage is its quality offering within a compact size. It offers 1080p quality videos which are ideal for video bloggers.
  • NFC: Near-field communication is a set of electronic protocols for digital devices that allow them to communicate by being within 4cms of each other. It makes it easier for you to transfer pictures and videos to your Smartphone for backup.


  • The fragility of the hinge: Being a camera with flip screen leaves the NX Mini susceptible to damage at its hinges. Every time you turn it up, you have to exercise due to precaution, or you might end up with the display in your hand.
  • No protection against smudges: It can only Flip from down to up (not sideways as is with most DSLR cameras) it has exposure to dirt and smudges from without. Once damaged, it is costly to get replaced.
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Besteker FHD 1080p Camcorder

Besteker FHD 1080p CamcorderBesteker brings to you the best of everything. Coming with IR 24 MP camera and 16x digital zoom (1x optical zoom) with an external microphone and 3-inch intuitive touch, this FHD video camera with a flip screen is great for covering events, parties and social activities.


  • Shotgun microphone: It comes with a short-range receiver that works better than the average low noise, high-quality recorders. Employing it for video blogging, you will get exceptional results on the sound output requiring no additional refining.
  • Remote control: Your operation ensures secure by coming with remote control, Set up the camera on a tripod and lay back, capture montages, record videos, change settings, close-ups, everything!
  • Real-time broadcast: You can share your videos with the people you love, as you record it. With real-time streaming protocol (RTSP), you can stream videos as they happen. Web celebrities often use this method to cover the live events.
  • Pausing and recording: In the game of having to make a long video, the person gets tired halfway through which results in a drop in energy that shows evidently on the output. With Besteker, you get the option to pause a live video; and merely resume when you are ready.


  • Build quality: In trying to keep the cost low while adding on features, it has compromised somewhere on the inbuilt camera quality. While using the camera with the flip screen open, it shows the inability to keep the display still. As you hold the camera in your hand, you can feel the rough edges of your palm; this takes a little getting used. Those who are in the habit of recording long videos might experience some discomfort.
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KINGEAR HDV-312 video camcorderIF you are looking for a nice camera with fine quality and performance, KINGEAR HDV-312 is the one for you. A classic looking device with a powerful image sensor climbing up to 24 megapixels. It has a perfectly fine little viewfinder, sized around 2.7 inches with the LCD screen. With the rotation of 270 degrees, you enjoy the view from a wide range of angles. One of the features that make HDV-312, one of the best cameras around, is the 16x digital zoom, which will dive in the picture while maintaining the quality and not let the grains burst.

The camera records videos in full HD resolution of 1080p at 15FPS and HD resolution with 30FPS modes. With higher frames, you get highly smooth and crisp quality of the video, even in low light. But higher resolution will eat more memory and hence, Kingear has given the provision with additional storage facility via SD/SDHC card. The CMOS sensor sitting on the camera offers good exposure control. The camera packs a small 1200 mAh lithium-ion battery, which gets charged in a couple of hours, and you are got to go. The camera sports a sturdy build, and with tripod accessory attachments available, it is all set for an adventure. The user manual helps you set different modes for the camera and customise them as per your requirements as well. Find some summarised pros and cons of the gadget:


  • Interpolation up to 24 Megapixels allow the crisp quality of captures.
  • Powerful 16x digital zoom.
  • Good quality LCD with wide angle rotations.
  • Tripod stands to support and compact design for adventurous tours.
  • Kingear offered one year warranty with 30-day replacement offers.


  • A small battery of 1200 mAh, which will need recharging of couple hours now and then.
  • Support up to 32GB SD card, which might feel insufficient.
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RockBirds HDV-5052STR

RockBirds HDV-5052STRA perfect camcorder is with fantastic connectivity solutions. RockBirds have created a lovely gadget with HDV-5052, which comes with compact size and high features studded in it. The 5MP interpolation sensor captures excellent snaps and videos of high resolution. The highest image quality attains 5120 x 3840 resolution and full HD video of 1920 x 1080 resolutions at an astonishing 30 FPS rate. An acute 3inch LCD which provides touchscreen features packs with The HDV-5052 and rotates full 270 degrees to offer you extensive angle shooting. With f3.2 aperture, you get excellent exposure control settings with the lens.

Among many features of the device, one of the most amazing ones is the Wi-Fi connectivity, which allows seamless real-time broadcasting. With remote access and smart TV features, you can use a phone to control your camcorder remotely wholly! Adding to the list of features, you get high ‘low-light image’ support with infrared Night-vision technology, and ultra-bright LED light. You get timer service and white balancing options as well. In the pack you get, various connecting cables for TV and monitor connections. Standard rechargeable lithium-ion battery enables long life in single charging. With external support for SD cards, you can expand the memory for extra photos and videos. Some points to consider;


  • Comprises of many little features to enhance your experience.
  • High-quality photo and video resolutions.
  • Lightweight and handy design.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity with a bunch of related features.
  • A low light image sensor, infrared for Night vision support.
  • Multiple connectors are available in the package.


  • A bit steep on the price range.
  • All the features reduce the battery life considerably.
  • High-resolution photos and videos take up more space and external storage are limited up to 32 GB.
  • No tripod support for stable capturing of photos and videos.
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Cool Sen Digital Camera Camcorder full HD 1080P

Cool Sen Digital Camera CamcorderCool Sen brings to you a digital Camera and Camcorder that comes with a wrist form to make it easier for Vlogging. The camera has a 24MP Flip Video Screen and a 3.0 in LCD. With an extensive zoom lens, this camera can be a boon to those of you are looking to pick up photography as a new hobby and wish to not invest a lot of money for this. The camera is light in weight and hence becomes a good way for you to travel and vlog at the same time. The lens can be changed on the Cool Sen Camera and hence for those who like to experiment with their style of photography, this camera is a good place to start.  The camera is simple to use and can also be a great gift for children and adults, alike.


The digital camera comes with a lot of features packed into it.

  • The quality of the videos is decent enough
  • The screen can flip to 180 degrees and hence is very convenient when it comes to making a vlog
  • The battery lasts for a good duration and hence allows you to film videos for a long time.
  • It includes additional items like a wide angle lens, a protective lens, UV filter lens, battery and even macro lens


While this camera has a lot of good things to offer, there are a few rip-offs that can make one think twice before deciding to buy the camera.

  • The pictures taken from the camera are not of the very best quality
  • Although it says that the Camera comes with 24 megapixels, the images can make you believe that this may be false advertising
  • Pictures can require a lot of excellent and extra lightings be
  • It does not include SD card.
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FLOUREON HD 1080 Camcorder Digital Video Camera

FLOUREON Digital Video CameraFloureon brings you an HD camera with 1080P which is a Digital Video Camera. It comes with a TFT-LCD display of 2.7 inches and a zoom that is at 16x. The camera screen can be rotated to 270 degrees and is a reliable option when it comes to choosing a good quality camera at reasonable prices. The camera can support SD cards from 4 GB up to 32 GB. The company used the best and the most advanced technology available to them to give you the ability to take the very best pictures. The company offers warranty for one year and encourage helpful customer service. If you wish to buy a camcorder for someone who is close to you and wishes to take up the art of photography, this camera is a good investment for such precious moments.


The product is a good buy for the money and comes with a lot of good pros. Buying this camera can be a good decision if you are new to the field of photography and are not ready to invest in expensive devices just yet. Some of the great qualities are

  • Light in weight
  • Anti-shake technology helps in taking pictures that are steady
  • The battery life is decent
  • A very stylish design
  • The price is very reasonable
  • The product also included additions like Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery Pack, USB cable, AV Connecting Cable, Power Adaptor, and User Manual.


Like every product, this Camera also comes with its own set of a few bad qualities. But, for this one, they are limited and less.

  • The sound quality of the camcorder is terrible
  • It does not include SD card.

For buying a Camcorder, it is also the essential quality. So, considers your options well before deciding to buy a camera

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Lightahead DV series High-Definition HD 720p digital Camcorder

Lightahead DV series Digital video CameraLightahead brings to you a High Definition camera that comes with a Flip out screen. Being a camcorder as well, it also offers you a chance to take HD videos. The camera has a 2.7 inch LCD screen. The camera comes with a 12-megapixel lens. A camera is a good choice for those who wish to indulge in their newfound hobby of photography but do not want to spend a lot of money on their first digital equipment. It can be a great present for children, as well. You can use it for making videos for your channel, blogging or even vlogging. The camcorder is a good gifting option for a close friend, relative or even an acquaintance; someone would like to experiment with video recording. I


The camera has a lot of good things to offer to the buyer. It comes in a sleek red design and has a stylish and professional look to it.

  • USB charging port can change effortlessly in the camera.
  • The camera comes with a hand strap and a convenient cloth bag for the camera
  • It is light in weight and easy to carry anywhere.
  • It is very simple and easy to use.
  • It has a sturdy built


There is not a perfect piece of technology, and each device comes with its one set of problems.

  • You cannot control the zoom
  • Sound quality is not up to the mark
  • The battery life is not very powerful, and hence it needs frequent charging.
  • SD card is not included in the box and requires purchasing separately
  • There is no option to pause a video while recording it
  • It can only open and close because the screen does not rotate.
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