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How to Choose the Right Video Editor for Vlogs

Vlogging is video blogging. It is a perfect way to share your ideas on social media platforms. Though many people do vlogs just for fun, some professionals do this for a living. If you are looking for answers to how to be a good blogger, then a good editor will be higher up on that list than good YouTube video ideas. Read on to find about these video editors to Choose the Right Video Editor for Vlogs.

Why is editing essential?

Video Editor for Vlogs

Digital camcorders shot most vlogs. These cameras are quite cheap but have excellent video quality. They give a professional look to your video. These videos are not always perfect. They may have color issues, background ambient noises or may lack audio clarity. Sometimes they may too long and require trimming and rearranging. A  video editor for vlogs helps you do all these.

Features to look for in a video editor

  • It should have essential functions such as cropping, cutting, and merging.
  • Should be easy to learn and to operate.
  • It must be inbuilt with filters, motion effects, graphic texts, and overlays.
  • It should not affect the video quality even when trimmed or compressed.
  • Quality Slow-Mo and other speed settings.

Whichever video editor you choose, make sure that it has these qualities. To make your decision more comfortable, I have given some favorite video editors for vlogs that can make your vlog look stunning.


If you are an Apple owner, then this is your video editor. It includes several features such as pre-set animations, voiceovers and various speed settings. Regarding quality, some software can match this video editor. But it does have some drawbacks. Some of its features are fixed and can’t be resized and naturally like all Apple products and it is supported only on Mac OS. It is not a professional editor but can give the same effect as one.

 Pinnacle Studio

The Pinnacle Studio, unlike the iMovie, is a professional vlog editor. It runs on all versions of Windows. If you are a Mac user, then this software is not for you.  Its most significant feature is the ability to remove unwanted background noise and produce enhanced audio. The interface is not that user-friendly. It will take a considerable amount of time for beginners to master this. But the effort is definitely worth the quality.

Adobe Premiere Elements 14

This video editor is one of the few who supports on both Mac and Windows. If you are someone who creates a large number of vlogs, then the ordering and labeling feature of this software will come in handy. It is highly organized software that supports various filters and can view footage up to 4K.

Be it the filters you use, the audio clarity or added effects, the editing style gives a unique vibe to your blogs. It is just as important as the video ideas. The quality of editing can make or break your vlog. So choose your video editor for vlogs with care.

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