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A full guide to make you know how to connect microphone to laptop

The advancements in the technology have taken up a brisk pace. While the new research allows many innovations, the existing gadgets are adding more features. The laptop is a classic development which has brought portability to the computer. Many fantastic features packs with it, like the webcam, mic, and speakers built into the machine. While these features perform outstandingly, there is often a need to use external devices for this purpose. However, setting up and installing these devices might sometimes, end up being a complicated process. Here are some useful tips on how to connect microphone to laptop.

Best computer microphones

Best computer microphonesInternal microphone can be seen a few small holes near the bezel or somewhere on the laptop. However, the quality of these microphones cannot always be trusted. They might suffice for casual video calls and recordings. But if the quality of the sound does matter to your intentions, like for a recording of a music piece, the in-built microphones might fall short. The high-quality microphones will provide you the crystal clear sound recorded using noise cancellation techniques. You will surely notice a significant upgrade to your built-in microphone. The high-quality mic has some promising features such as large range, compact design, and active noise cancellation and of course, budget-friendly. Few famous ones in the market are Razer Siren, Blue Yeti, Shure MV5, etc.

Headset with mic for laptop

Serving as both, a microphone and mic, these they are one of the useful gadget options. They will provide high-quality microphones, while also giving headset speakers, which might prove very useful while reviewing the recording status.

Using the microphone

Once you have picked the receiver of your choice, you have to set up the new device with your machine. Ensure following steps to know how to connect microphone to laptop

  • Determine the type of connection suits your mic. They usually have the audio jack or a USB connector. Connecting the wire, into the respective port of your laptop. You will also find a wireless mic for pc, which connects via Bluetooth or wifi and it needs to set up accordingly.
  • Once connected, open up the control settings on your laptop.
  • Make sure you have the right driver for your microphone, as per manufacturer’s specifications. Update if necessary.
  • Once done, find the external microphone in settings.
  • Check the volume control and set it as required.
  • Try the mic and ensure its quality.

Use High-quality microphones

Higher quality manufacturers will, sometimes, intend to use sophisticated software dedicated to the product and they will provide the application accordingly. While you find many cheap pc microphones, the higher end microphones do not pluck a huge hole in your savings. They start from as low as 30 dollars and will reach as high as few hundred bucks. Recording and streaming of the sound and its quality does matter in many cases. Choose the high-quality computer microphones for your needs form variety of options available. The bass, crisp sound, dynamic prime sound, no external noises are some original features to look.

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