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The unique vlog ideas for beginners

funny video ideasPlanning to start a vlog, but don’t know where to start. Like authors suffer from author’s block, it seems even vloggers suffer from a vlogger block. And this problem intensifies if someone has not started blogging yet. Many people have many funny video ideas or first YouTube video ideas, but the urgency to create a masterpiece right in the beginning puts a lot of stress on the beginners. It is where many refer to YouTube video idealist without knowing if the ideas fist them. If you are one of them, then don’t worry. We bring you the best vlog ideas for beginners that are sure to work for all kinds of enthusiasts.

Select your niche

It is better to know what you are good at, rather than searching for YouTube content ideas online. You may find many ideas to write about, but something that connects to you on a personal or professional level will be easy for you to make a vlog. You can also try to search for niches which don’t have a crowd of vloggers but carry demand which has not tapped.

Look out for trends

Some of the best vlog ideas for beginners like checking for trends achieve, especially when they are not trends yet.

  • If you can forecast a topic that can soon become a trending topic, and if it suits your niche, then you can put all your eggs in that basket.
  • Don’t think twice before investing in this idea. The chances are that even before the topic goes like a hit, you will have a huge following of people interested in this topic or the ones who made this topic a trend.

“How to” video

Teach the people using a “how to” tutorial. It will position you as an authority on a topic and will generate a following for you. Some of the best YouTube video ideas have been surrounding this. With such ideas, you can add more charm to your YouTube channel which will ultimately bring you bigger profits and better recognition.


Interviews are by far the best way to engage people. You can generate a huge viewership and attract many links and advertisements if you can get famous with your interview sessions. It is one of the best vlog ideas for beginners. Such ideas prove to be the most influential for beginners; this is more like exploring the field and getting to know it better.

Candid prank videos

Many vloggers try innocent prank videos as their first step to the blogging world. If you have a good sense of humor, and if you want to spread happiness among people, then shooting a prank video may very well be your first giant leap into vlogging. And an idea like this will make you the sensation; get involved in something trendy for more subscription and likes.

Get involved into any one of the above mentioned exciting ideas; you can make anything trend, provided it has the charm and humor to gain the attention of the viewers. All you need to be aware of something is some of the most amazing attention-grabbing videos are fills in the online. Yours should be creative enough to find its place.


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